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We Provide Services for French and English speakers​

Wedding Celebration

And now you need someone to perform the ceremony itself - preferably someone who speaks English and French?

The Real McKay can help you.

Translation Service

As native English-speakers, at The Real McKay we can provide concise, correct translations for all your needs: posters, menus, brochures, signage..

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About the Real McKay

Moray has lived and worked in Roussillon (Pyrénées-Orientales) for the past 25 years. Before that he was pastor of a church in London, 1989-1998. He has been married to his wife, Ann, for 40 years and they have four grown-up children who are all bilingual. Three of them have now returned to the UK and married Brits, but one has stayed in France and is marreid to a Frenchman. The McKays’ main reason for moving from London to France was to help lead a large, growing, French protestant evangelical church in Perpignan. Since 2015 they have been leading an English-speaking international church, also in Perpignan, that is developing bilingually.

Wedding Celebrant

Wedding Ceremonies

Moray is a church pastor by calling and as such has a firm belief in marriage - and the commitment the couple make to one another in the wedding ceremony - as one of the foundations of society. Whether a couple are making that marriage commitment in a Christian context or prefer a non-religious ceremony, there is no difficulty in tailoring the content to their wishes.

In a Christian ceremony references are made to the couple’s faith in God, readings may be taken from the Bible and prayers are offered. Whereas the nature of the promises and the commitment the couple make to one another have the same basis, in a non-religious ceremony the faith elements may be omitted or perhaps replaced by other relevant content. In practice, most non-religious wedding ceremonies are very similar in content to Christian ones.


Part of our role in the church over the past years has been in leading marriage preparation courses and marriage enrichment courses – using the material developed by Holy Trinity Church, Brompton in London http://www.themarriagecourses.org/

Whilst such courses are based on Christian principles, they are open to those of all faiths or none. Numerous couples with no church connection join the courses and benefit enormously from them. The object is not to promote Christianity, but rather to encourage and help build strong, healthy marriages. When Moray is asked to conduct a wedding blessing ceremony, the same logic applies. His role is to lead a ceremony that fulfils the couple’s wishes and also, insofar as is possible, to accompany them through the preparatory stages: the choice of vows/promises they will make to each other, the content of the order of service (readings, music etc) and the practicalities of timing, entrances, positioning etc. During the months and weeks leading up to the wedding he is available to discuss and advise about any aspect of the ceremony. When a rehearsal/walk-through is planned he is able to attend and help ensure that the main participants (the couple, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen and ushers etc) are as ready and as relaxed as possible, ready for the day itself.

Translation Service

More and more businesses are finding it useful to provide an English translation of their publicity material. Up until recently it has been acceptable to provide a rough equivalent of the French wording. Now, however, as customers demand ever higher standards of excellence, any errors in translation are seen as evidence of a lack of professionalism.

It may seem like a cheap option to use an automatic, on-line translation service but, unless you yourself have a very good level of English, you run the risk of including unwelcome errors in your finished material.

Our rates, whether per word or by the hour, are very competitive. Once a relationship with a client is established, regular editing of translations when the original is updated is as simple as sending an e-mail.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and to ask for a quote.


Moray McKAY

Before moving to France in 1998, Moray was for ten years full-time leader of an Ichthus Christian Fellowship congregation in Carshalton, London. He trained at Moorlands College, Christchurch, Dorset from 1986-89. Moray and Ann were part of the leadership of a large French church for their first 17 years in Pyrénées-Orientales – Moray as associate pastor. He has a strong desire to see people in the region transformed by the Lord Jesus. His giftings in teaching, preaching and admin – as well as being bilingual in French – means that he is able to lead Riverchurch on in its outreach to both English- and French-speakers.